Vit siluett av tjej som tränar aerial på färgglad bakgrund

Workshop | Dineke at FLOW September 2023

24 jul, 2023 | FLOW, Linköping, Stockholm

Who is Dineke Minten?

In 2014 Dineke started training pole several times a week and she hasn’t stopped ever since. More and more she started to realize that this was more than a sport or hobby for her. Teaching classes, training herself, creating her own performances, she couldn’t imagine her life without pole in it anymore.

As an athlete Dineke combined teaching herself with learning from professionals all over the world. Her dedication and passion are characteristic, both as an athlete and a teacher. Dineke is known for her handstands, power moves and fearless pole tricks. She can take your breath away by her tricks and amaze you with her power. But she’s more than muscled body and fearless mind. With every performance she does, she tells a story. As a graduated movement specialist Dineke knows the human body inside and out. Combined with her passion for coaching and teaching, she will help you to become the best pole athlete you can be.

Dineke believes that the most important thing in life is that you do what you really love. And that’s what pole is for her, her true love. ’Pole has it all, from the physical and mental challenges until creativity and possibility to express yourself and inspire others!’

@Dinekeminten on instagram

Friday September 8th – Linköping

16:00 – 17:30 – Workshop 1 – Tricks & flips (+ requests and favorites)

18:00 – 19:30 – Workshop 2 – Bringing flexy back 

Saturday September 9th – Stockholm

12:00 – 13:30 – Workshop 1 – Tricks & flips (+ requests and favorites)

14:00 – 15:30 – Workshop 2 –  I’ve got the power

Skill level recommendations for all workshops

Dineke is an experienced instructor who can adapt the lessons and will provide preparatory exercises and progressions for all tricks. However, to get the most out of the workshops we recommend that you are completely comfortable with butterfly and starting to feel confident with handspring and shouldermount. Dineke is very dynamic, so it’s also good if you are a bit daring. Feel free to reach out to Dineke on IG if you are unsure for the best guidance.

Tricks & flips – Dineke’s description

This workshop is filled with tricks like regrips, jumps, drops and flips. During this class Dineke will teach you her favorites! After the warming-up we will start with prepping different kind of grips, jumps and several start- and end poses. In order to master the movements, we will start with the key elements of the tricks. When the fundament of the move is yours, you will go for the full trick. You will also learn how to spot each other correctly and step by step you will work towards the most awesome ultra pole tricks!

This workshop will also be open for requests; please feel free to submit them in advance to Dineke on IG or as a response to your confirmation email once you’ve booked the workshop.. 

Bringing flexy back – Dineke’s description

A workshop filled with Dineke’s favourite flexy back moves. The warming-up will be followed by an intense back and shoulder stretch session. Dineke will teach you her stretch routine, including floor and pole stretches. In the second part of this workshop we’ll go the pole. Step by step you’ll learn the techniques of the most pretty/badass flexy back tricks and combinations. 

NOTE! You don’t need to be extremely flexible in your back already to attend this workshop. This course is specifically designed to provide you with exercises, both strength and stretch, as well as techniques to try and perhaps even accomplish movements focusing on mobility and strength in your upper body.

I’ve got the power – Dineke’s description

A workshop that will help you to get stronger! They say ‘consistency is key’ and it definitely is, but before you can be consistence in something you need to know how. In this workshop Dineke will show how to start with of deadlifts and explain the technique of her favourite power holds. She will show step by step how to train for this. Because tricks like these aren’t going to happen overnight, you gotta work for it! You will start with several prep exercises on the floor that will help you build up strength for those specific tricks. In part two we’ll work with resistances bands and/or a pole buddy that will help you getting stronger and use the right techniques. During this workshop Dineke will give you options to make the giving exercises easier or harder. So, no matter what your level is, you will be challenged!


Early booking links are available until Wednesday July 26th for students at FLOWPole who have attended a course earlier this year. These links can be found in the student groups on facebook (if you don’t have Facebook, please email your city to get access to the registration link). The remaining spots will be released on the website as usual on July 26th for everyone else to book.

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